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  • Carole Peterson

Spend Less & Get More For Your Next Event

You have a bar mitzvah, wedding or some party or event to host and you are secretly dreading it, because of the amount of money you think you have to spend. Well you don’t have to shell out a great deal of money to host a fantastic, sophisticated and all together awesome event. Here are some surefire ways to ensure you get the most bang for your bucks, and keep your money in the bank.

Your biggest money eaters are catering and facilities, so let’s tackle those first.

You definitely need food, and usually at the end of an event you literally want to cry at the amount of wasted food. Catering can cost from around $500 to several thousands of dollars, this depends on time, number of attendees, supplies and level of service.


To cut down on catering costs consider the following:

Opt for food stations or buffet as opposed to heavy hors d’oeuvres and plated meals unless you are having a dinner party.

Let the caterers know your budget. I would suggest if you have a $1000 budget reduce that by about $200.00, some caters will work with you.

It’s important to know how many people will be attending so you can provide a good ball park or specific number to your caterer.

Specific food restrictions can impact your cost, being a vegan or wanting only organic ingredients in your prepared food will definitely impact the cost

Try having your event in the morning, breakfast options are much cheaper, a waffle and omelet station would be great.

If your event must have alcohol, you can reduce costs there by limiting options to beer and wine


Facilities for your special event can take a big chunk of your budget. Avoid those facilities advertised as Event Facilities.

Explore the following:

· Hotels

· Parks (They have some awesome community rooms.)

· Airbnb

· Courthouses

· Restaurants

· Cafes

· Museums

These facilities have awesome rooms and spaces to host any event. The costs can save you about 40-60% less than what you would pay for a special event facility.

Now you may want a decorator or an event planner to help you coordinate and ensure that everything comes off perfectly. Instead of going with an established entity try a start-up. A start-up wants to make a good impression and obtain recommendations, so they will go above and beyond to ensure that your event is perfect. Use an all in one start-up that can provide, coordination and promotion. This makes for a seamless event.

Good luck!

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